Vegaswap $VGA Token has passed Obelisk Smart Contract Audit Excellently!

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2 min readSep 17, 2021


As mentioned in the previous post about Smart Contract Audit, it is an ongoing process where analysis will be made by the auditor with advices on how to improve. In fact, a lot of discussion had happened in the last few weeks of audit to identify potential issues and improve the system. As a final results, Vegaswap $VGA Token Contract Audit has been completed successfully!

3 Main criterias have been covered in the audit:

  1. Security — Identify issues related to the security within each contract as well as within the system of contracts.
  2. Sound Architecture — Evaluate smart contracts architecture through the lens of established software and best smart contract practices.
  3. Code Quality — A complete review of the contract source code, with focus on correctness, readability, sections of code with high complexity, and quality of test coverage.

Obelisk Auditing consists of a group of security experts that specialize in security and structural operations, with hundred of audits and experience from among other things, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Vegaswap $VGA Token audit has been conducted by 2+ independent auditors for maximum security and professionalism. With the Obelisk stamp of approval, a legitimate project like Vegaswap can easily grow its user base exponentially in a world where trust means everything.

👉Obelisk Vegaswap Full Contract Audit

Where to buy Vegaswap $VGA?

With security risk has been taken care of, now you can be confident in investing in Vegaswap. The token can be bought from Pancakeswap 👇

And here is DexTools chart and analysis for reference:

About Vegaswap

Vegaswap is a user-centered automatic market maker that leverages multichain technology, providing users with a wide range of DeFi and cross-chain applications through its platform. I supports and enables seamless token earnings through customizable liquidity pools, dynamic pricing, and an intuitive UI. Vegaswap makes the work of LP providers efficient and profitable by creating provisions for unique smart pools, providing analytics tools, and reducing impermanent loss with adaptive spread.

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Vegaswap AMM

Vegswap is a protocol for creating liquidity and trading tokenised assets on public blockchains. The only AMM powered by a multi chain dynamic market maker.