Vegaswap Relaunch Timelines ⌛

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2 min readFeb 17, 2022
Vegaswap Relaunch Timeline

Hello, Vegaswap Community!

We’d like to provide an update on the pool’s recovery as follows. In the past few days, we have carefully analyzed and devised new implementations, as well as improved our security to ensure that things like this time’s incident do not happen again in the future. And we now have a timetable for this significant event 🤩:

Timelines ⌛

👉Ticker: VGAX

👉Contract Address

👉Exchange: Pancakeswap

👉Chart: Dextool

12am UTC, 2/20 New tokens will be minted and airdropped to all holders’ wallets with the exact amount as in the snapshot of the VGA-BNB PancakeSwap Pool which was taken by 04:47am UTC, Feb 9, 2022.

02pm UTC, 3/2 Pool will be open with an initial price of exactly $0.0043571 (Same as in the snapshot).

After this, everything should be back to normal.


  • Tokens are not tradable until the pool is open
  • LP token will be locked 1 week after the pool open
  • Vested team token locking period will be extended
  • Seed & Private vesting will be resumed just like normal

Our gift to You 🎁

Token holdings are not only an investment, but also a form of trust in Vegaswap. And we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your faith in us. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to give you an amount of tokens equal to the earnings from staking your holdings (with the amount shown in the snapshot) at a 36% APR for 15 days.

The gift will be included in the airdrop.

About Vegaswap Relaunch ⭐

Vegaswap Relaunch is a user-centered automatic market maker that leverages multichain technology, providing users with a wide range of DeFi and cross-chain applications through its platform. I supports and enables seamless token earnings through customizable liquidity pools, dynamic pricing, and an intuitive UI. Vegaswap makes the work of LP providers efficient and profitable by creating provisions for unique smart pools, providing analytics tools, and reducing impermanent loss with adaptive spread.

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Vegswap is a protocol for creating liquidity and trading tokenised assets on public blockchains. The only AMM powered by a multi chain dynamic market maker.