Incident Update & Resolution

Vegaswap AMM
2 min readFeb 9, 2022

Hello, Vegaswap Community!

Below is the post-mortem investigation of the recent incident:

03:00am UTC, Feb 9, 2022 — We detected a significant amount of LP was withdrawn.
04:47am UTC, Feb 9, 2022 — A snapshot of all token holders was taken.
05:15am UTC, Feb 9, 2022 — We transferred the majority of the token’s value to our wallet in order to protect the fund and prevent further damage.
05:30am UTC, Feb 9, 2022 — After assessing and analyzing the situation, we concluded that there was miscommunication that occured during the transfer of LP tokens and this was strictly a result of an internal company human error that went without prior notifications. Therefore, everything is still safe, and there is no hacking or involvement of any third party.

Our strategy for recouping the token price is as follows:
1. We will potentially create new tokens and pool, as well as open the pool at the exact price we snapshotted right before the fund recovery process (Which is by 4:47am UTC on February 9, 2022)
2. Those who attempted/attempting to sell/buy the tokens ( except team addresses ) after the announcement will / may not be eligible to claim the same amount of token at the snapshot price.

The exact schedule will be published ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding.

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